Homeowners should consider investing in uPVC windows and doors as they will benefit any home. We have listed below the top 10 benefits of this popular material:

Customisable – You can now find a wide range or styles that match your personality, whether it be an old-world charm with wood grain effect or something more futuristic like clear glass for those who prefer natural light; there will always be one to fit any need!

Security - The security of a property or home is paramount to any window and door installation. This can be achieved by using UPVC that exceeds expectations with an ultra-light yet sturdy frame, used in conjunction with various locking combination for protection against intruders breaking into your house.

Insulation – UPVC is a low conductor of heat, so providing it has been fitted correctly a closed air system will form to minimise heat loss making them an energy efficient choice for your home.

Low Maintenance - With its low maintenance, durable surface and ease of cleaning uPVC windows can last for a decade without showing any signs of weathering like other natural materials that require regular sanding or varnishing. The only thing you'll need to do periodically is wipe down your window with soap suds every now and then just to keep them looking clean!

Durable - UPVC is a tough material that can withstand the test of time. It won't rot or corrode, even if exposed to harsh weather conditions like rain and sunlight for an extended period! The coating applied by manufacturers also protects it against UV rays which prevents fading when they're not in use making your home feel even more inviting than before.

Ventilation - UPVC windows can come in various window style configurations providing an efficient ventilation system with effective airflow into a room. An effective window configuration is called ’tilt and turn’ which consists of a two-window arrangement which can open in two separate directions providing draft-free ventilation. When in the tilted position inwards, hot air can escape through the top and side openings while turning the window to open fully can quickly ventilate the atmosphere of an entire room useful for cleaning or refreshing.

Eco-Friendly - Reusing and recycling is the answer to protecting our planet. UPVC windows and doors have an average lifespan of 40-80 years, made mostly from recycled materials that help maintain minimal long-term impact on environment when replaced with responsible installers ensuring their sustainability by being responsibly disposed in a manner which does not cause further pollution or harm for future generations!

Weather Resistant - UPVC windows and doors are the perfect solution for anyone who wants their property to be more resistant against natural elements. They do not react with water or air meaning that they never get damaged by weathering, have a longer life span than other materials such as wood which need constant maintenance due its susceptibility towards changes in environment; you can enjoy peace of mind knowing there is less work needed when looking after these types of windows and doors.

Soundproofing – along with double glazing the uPVC material works well to reduce the amount of sound coming into your property, they can drastically reduce noise from roads and trainlines by up to 50% when compared with other materials.

Fire Retardant - The building regulations state that units and frames for windows and doors must be made from fire rated materials, preventing external fire spread. UPVC is also a material required by these same regulations to adhere to the protocol in case of an incident on site—meaning it will keep routes open so people can get out within 30 minutes should there ever be need!

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